EUG X760+A Android4.2 HD Wireless Bulidin WiFi 3D

EUG X760+(A) built-in android4.2. It can connect the wifi and allow you watach move on line directly. Beside, it can also connect with the other devices wirelessly. It is the best choice for more

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Product Features

  • EUG X760+(A) built-in android4.2, can directly connect wifi so that you can watch move or do the other thing online directly. Besides, the X660S+(A) projector can also connect the other device( like phone/ pad/Laptop) wirlessly. It will be very convenient for you to project anything you want.
  • 2600 Lumens; 2500:1 Contrast Ratio; Native Resolution 1024 x 600; compatible with 1080i/p, aspect Ratio 16:9; 4:3
  • With analog TV tuner, directly receive and broadcast TV signal
  • Basic Advantage of Bulit-in Android4.2 Projector: 1. Have the basic android4.2 fuction. Can connect wifi, directly watch move/picture/tex ect online. 2. Can connect the other device like phone/pad/laptop wirelessly.(Your phone/pad/laptop should be android4.2 or above) The Bulit-in Android4.2 has more functions, but some customers don't know how to use it and think it useless. If you are the master, you will know the Bulit-in Android4.2 Projector is amazing and value for money!!!
  • How to connect the projector with other device wirelessly: First, you should connect the projector with the same wifi with your device. 1. For the normal android4.2 or above phone/pad: you just need to start the Miracast Receiver in the projector Android system first and them allow your phone/pad to share the screen with the projector. Then you can easy to projector whatever you want in your phone/pad. 2. For iphone/ipad: We have download a KXCast in the projector Android system (if we not, you can download one by yourself), start the KXCast. And then you can easy to connect with your iphone/ipad and the projector with the AIRPLAY APP. 3. For laptop: We have download a Splashtop in the projector Android system (if we not, you can download one by yourself). And then you should download a Splashtop in your laptop and set the password. Start the Splashtop in both projector and your laptop, then you will be very easy to connect your laptop with the projector. If you still don't know how to connect the projector with other device wirelessly, please feel free to contact us.

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