Cyber Acoustics CA5402 Platinum Series High Performance 5.1

The CA-5402 elegant platinum series high performance speaker system by Cyber Acoustics provides both stylish design and sound intensity. This versatile speaker system features a MP3 cradle more

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   3.9 out of 5
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Product Features

  • Convenient desktop control pod: on/off switch, master volume, bass volume, headphone output jack, aux in, and LED power indicator
  • Magnetically shielded satellite speakers
  • Acoustically balanced wood cabinet subwoofer; Bass reflex, ported enclosure on subwoofer
  • MP3 cradle (MP3 player not included)
  • Video game Y adapter cable included

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Product Accessories

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One Response to “Cyber Acoustics CA5402 Platinum Series High Performance 5.1”

  1. Muzammil says:

    I hooked this bradied HDMI cable between my HDTV and my computer to stream video from the internet to my HDTV. The picture is clear and the sound quality is very good. I don’t see any difference while using this cable from computer to HDTV than I do when watching TV directly from my satellite box. The only problem I have with this cable is that it is very thick due to the braiding, which makes it hard to turn. I need to plug it into one side of my HDTV, loop it around the back of the TV and bring it out on the other side where I place my computer out of tripping range. The thickness of the cable makes it hard to loop around and it’s heavier than the other cables I have. This cable would probably be best for professional use where there might be heavy usage and plugging and unplugging of the cord. It will probably stand the test of time and constant movement easier than the regular smooth vinyl cables. But, for normal home use, the vinyl cables are easier to handle.For anyone who has not used an HDMI cable and is new to HDTV, this cable can be used to hook up your cable box, DVD or Blu Ray disc player, computer, Wii, sound system and whatever else you have that has an HDMI cable connector. You do not need to use separate audio cables as this beauty steams everything through it. It’s super simple to use just plug it in to your HDTV and plug the other end into the other component and play. I suggest getting HDMI cables for each separate component so you don’t have to pull out the DVD cable to plug in your computer.

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